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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does. As a international human rights and criminal lawyer and trial skills teacher around the world, its his most important tool. As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally. As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated.

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Rule of Law: Its Not that Much Different in the U.S. or the Republic of Georgia


Sex Trafficking Prosecutions are on the Upswing. Think Jeffrey Epstein.

Sex trafficking is. is a very serious societal problem. Think Jeffrey Epstein. Yes, he was previously convicted back in 2008 and yes he was likely facing many years in a prison cell for multiple ongoing cases before being found dead apparently by his now hand in a prison cell.

The Feds have recognized this problem long before Epstein and they have made efforts to address it. They have poured money into States to address it at the local level as well. This makes sense as these victims frequently start at the State level and are then bounced around from State to State which is what usually turns it into a federal crime.

In the Epstein case, his untimely death may cause some serious headaches for the Feds. Sometimes, when one dies or goes missing, evidence goes missing too. This also allows possible co-defendants to avoid prosecution. I have seen cases like this in my own practice.

I appear on Voice of America International Edition to discuss sex trafficking, defending those charged with it and what it all means. These cases can be brutal and the Government is under pressure to prosecute. However, they are not easy for them and defending requires a thorough understanding of the law, the facts, and where those converge.


Telling Truth to Power in Law and the World

Institutional knowledge is important. Its important in law, politics, international affairs. The United States has a broad understanding of how it approachers things and it is time tested. Flexibility is important but what happens if we throw out everything because a President decides the answers aren't to their liking despite hundreds of years of experience and personal knowledge from those around you. The ramifications are not just another bankruptcy. The cost could be instability, danger and even health for those who are doing the heavy lifting. He may have the right to do it but should he and should people remain silent when he does?

Donald Trump drove Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats out of office because he didn’t like he answers he was getting because they were simply inconsistent with his own views. This isn’t the first time. Consider, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Retired Marine General, Former Head of the U.S. Central Command. Gone. Chief of Staff John Kelly, Retired Marine General and Former Secretary of Homeland Security and Head of Southern Command. Gone. National Security Advisor, Retired Lt. General HR McMaster, Silver star, 2 bronze stars. Gone. The list godson a non. The man the President wants to replace him is a neophyte with little to no experience or knowledge or understanding. however, he is blindly loyal to the President. Is this really the quality you want in somebody who should be telling truth to power, whoever that power is.

I appear on WVLY with Howard Monroe to discuss.


More of the U.S. Intelligence and Defense Establishment Dismantled.

President Trump just forced out Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats. It has been a tumultuous relationship in which they have disagreed strong on Russia, Iran, North Korea and Saudi Arabia among other issues. Trump, above all likes loyalists and yes men who tell him what he wants to here. Doubt me?


Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Retired Marine General, Former Head of the U.S. Central Command. Gone

Chief of Staff John Kelly, Retired Marine General and Former Secretary of Homeland Security and Head of Southern Command. Gone.

National Security Advisor, Retired Lt. General HR McMaster, Silver star, 2 bronze stars. Gone

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Retired Army Lt. General, Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Gone.


The first two were gone because they disagreed. The other was convicted of crimes. Either way, they speak for themselves. The President decided he knew better. Um, yeah . . .

I appear on Voice of America to discuss.


Cross Examination is Not a Frontal Assault, It's Guerrilla Warfare, Especially with Mueller.

I’ve been lucky enough to teach cross examination to lawyers and law students throughout the United States and around the world, from Uganda, to the Republic of Georgia to Russia and beyond. I’ve also been lucky enough to do this partly because of my experience trying a lot of cases before juries as well as being trained by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy and at the International Criminal Court. As a prosecutor, I’ve crossed people and put them in jail. As a criminal defense lawyer, I’ve controlled adverse witnesses and police officers and have had a lot of acquittals. Crossing examination can be different in every case but there are some basic steps that need to be addressed.

The purpose of cross examination is to establish a theme and then to carefully control the witness before you in order to control their testimony. In the end, it is about the product they present, through you, to the fact finder. In other words, you are trying to get points by making them look great or horrific. One of the considerations is how smart and experienced your witness is. In this case, its Robert Mueller and the cross examiners are members of Congress.

Mueller likely has far more experience as a witness and expert than any member of Congress and knows his job. He has testified many times, and has a resume that is impressive, regardless of which side of the fence you sit. All that being said to make the point that Mueller is dangerous and can easily make you look like an idiot.

As I watch members of Congress struggle with cross examination, it’s killing me to watch just how much they are failing. What they desperately need is training. I know that they are good communicators but cross examination is a unique skill set. It takes thought, planning and a demeanor that reflects each member individually. More importantly, it takes reverse engineering so that you start with what you want and then work backwards.


Would Trump Have Been Indicted If He Were Not a Sitting President?

Robert Mueller is preparing to testify before U.S. House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees. This is easily the most anticipated hearing the American people have had in some time. President Trump seems to be ramping up about it, claiming witch hunt and no collusion and talking about Mueller’s conflicts of interest.

In addition, Attorney General Barr has already gone on the record, as has the Justice Department, trying desperately to box Mueller into talking about nothing but his more than 400 page report. They want nothing outside of the report including process, evidence, his thoughts and feelings. Specifically, what the President and DOJ are clearly most concerned about is Mueller’s thoughts on Obstruction of Justice and whether Trump would have been charged if he were not a sitting President. They are equally concerned about whether it was the AttorneyGeneral’s or Congress’s call as to whether Obstruction should be charged.

House Democrats, on the other hand, have much different mission. They are looking at the issue of Obstruction but essentially arguing that there is plenty of evidence that Trump obstructed justice and therefore could face Impeachment. What they are hoping for is a John Dean ala Richard Nixon moment when the American people get to hear about a laundry list of things that Trump did and why he did them.

Robert Mueller himself is now a private citizen and can do just about anything he wants. Of course, this seems to go against everything that he has stood for for decades. Many Trump loyalists have continued to attack Mueller but this former Marine, war hero, patriot who has worked for both Republicans and Democrats has always stayed above political infighting so we will see.

I appear on Voice of America International Edition to discuss. I have been covering this issue with Voice of America for more than a year and in many ways this is the culmination of this story.


In Hong Kong, Violence Begets Violence.

Protests have continued by tens of thousands in the streets of Hong Kong. It started out as a protest that would have allowed for the extradition of suspects to Beijing to stand trial. Protesters have argued that this has happened before and when they go to the mainland, the Chinese government drops them into a black bag and they disappear. Actually, these fears may be well founded. However, the underlying concern of protestors is the continued reach by President Xi and the Chinese government in Hong Kong. I predict this won’t end well for Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam.

Anti protestor protesters broke into violence today and the men in white attacked the pro democracy factions, typically seen in black with yellow or orange hard hats. However, , these recent attacks to seem to have only driven more protesters into the streets.

I appear on I24 International News to discuss. Hope you can catch it.


Why Does Race Division Build the Republican Base?

Donald Trump just told four Freshman Congress women to go back home their own countries.  They are all women of color.  They are all American citizens, three of whom were born in this country.  The entire Republican leadership sat silently after it happened, saying nothing and large numbers of Republican supporters seemed to . . . laugh.  

There is a historical tradition of racism in this country.  It exists.  And telling people to go home the own country is EXACTLY one of the traditional ways racists would attack people of color. Before this President, if any Republican in the last 20 years had said this, they would have been drummed out of the party. Not now. This is a whole new world.

I appear on Press TV out of Iran to discuss.  The dynamic is interesting and with growing tensions between the U.S. and Iran, they have continued interested in how Americans talk about this, see this, and deal with it.


Sometimes TV Isn't as Glamorous As You Might Imagine.

When you watch the news or talk shows, there is sometimes a perception of people talking to one another. Rarely is that the case. I just walked off of a set and I think this picture gives a better view of what it's like. Oh the glamour. Ridiculous.