[Kare 11 Minneapolis] November 2nd: Jack Talks Terrorism and Our Response
Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 4:25PM
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I appear on Kare 11 Minneapolis with Jana Shortal on November 2nd. I will be honest, Jana is one of my favorite journalists anywhere, seriously. She is unique and marches to her own beat. For that, she has my respect. However, what makes her special as a journalist is that she listens, I mean really really listens. The second thing that makes her great is that she thinks. As a result, I can say something and her follow up question is . . . the right one.  She is goodand this and as a result, he interviews works.

I always enjoy them and I think this one will be no exception. Today, we will talk terrorism and what happens when our political leaders use attacks as political opportunism.  This should get spicy.  

Article originally appeared on Jack Rice: In the Cross Hairs (http://jackrice.net/).
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