Archive: This Photo Haunts Me to This Day
Saturday, January 6, 2018 at 8:11PM
Jack Rice in Archive, Editorial, brothers, iraq

Archive: On joint patrol with US & Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad in 2006. It was a brutal time with constant small & sometimes not so small arms fire as well as the never-ending threat of IED's. I turned down a small street & saw these two little boys, brothers I think, peaking through a fence. 

They looked me in the face and saw ... what? I slowly pulled my SLR up to my face and grabbed the shot before the gunfire pulled me away, partially out of fear for myself but partially our of fear that my presence before these boys made their lives even more precarious than they already were. 

I should add that as I looked through the lens into their eyes, I saw two other sets of eyes, mine and my brothers. We are about that many months apart and I couldn’t help but make the comparison and I couldn’t help but think about how and why the Gods put us where they did and then subsequently placed these boys in this firestorm. It confused me, angered me and saddened me all at the same time. It still does. I'll never know if they survived. 

This photo has haunted me ever since.


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