Telling Truth to Power in Law and the World
Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 10:26AM
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Institutional knowledge is important. Its important in law, politics, international affairs. The United States has a broad understanding of how it approachers things and it is time tested. Flexibility is important but what happens if we throw out everything because a President decides the answers aren't to their liking despite hundreds of years of experience and personal knowledge from those around you. The ramifications are not just another bankruptcy. The cost could be instability, danger and even health for those who are doing the heavy lifting. He may have the right to do it but should he and should people remain silent when he does?

Donald Trump drove Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats out of office because he didn’t like he answers he was getting because they were simply inconsistent with his own views. This isn’t the first time. Consider, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Retired Marine General, Former Head of the U.S. Central Command. Gone. Chief of Staff John Kelly, Retired Marine General and Former Secretary of Homeland Security and Head of Southern Command. Gone. National Security Advisor, Retired Lt. General HR McMaster, Silver star, 2 bronze stars. Gone. The list godson a non. The man the President wants to replace him is a neophyte with little to no experience or knowledge or understanding. however, he is blindly loyal to the President. Is this really the quality you want in somebody who should be telling truth to power, whoever that power is.

I appear on WVLY with Howard Monroe to discuss.

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