Sex Trafficking Prosecutions are on the Upswing. Think Jeffrey Epstein.
Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 12:27PM
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Sex trafficking is. is a very serious societal problem. Think Jeffrey Epstein. Yes, he was previously convicted back in 2008 and yes he was likely facing many years in a prison cell for multiple ongoing cases before being found dead apparently by his now hand in a prison cell.

The Feds have recognized this problem long before Epstein and they have made efforts to address it. They have poured money into States to address it at the local level as well. This makes sense as these victims frequently start at the State level and are then bounced around from State to State which is what usually turns it into a federal crime.

In the Epstein case, his untimely death may cause some serious headaches for the Feds. Sometimes, when one dies or goes missing, evidence goes missing too. This also allows possible co-defendants to avoid prosecution. I have seen cases like this in my own practice.

I appear on Voice of America International Edition to discuss sex trafficking, defending those charged with it and what it all means. These cases can be brutal and the Government is under pressure to prosecute. However, they are not easy for them and defending requires a thorough understanding of the law, the facts, and where those converge.

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