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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer, its his most important tool.  As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated. 

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[KOA Denver] November 6th: Jack Talks Texas Shooting

I appear on KOA Denver on November 5th. More than twenty five killed and dozens more injured.  Another shooting, another killing, and more talk.  Some are talking whether this is a tipping point.  Others complaining that this is too political and now isn't the time.  My conclusion is that absolutely nothing will happen. We are outraged right now and  this may last another day or two but this will go away, and nothing, absolutely nothing will happen.  

Its a difficult topic but I will do my best to report on both sides.  I hope you can listen in on the conversation.  


[RT America - Washington DC] November 3rd: Jack Talks Manhattan Attack

I appear on RT Washington DC with Ed Schultz on November 3rd. As we dig a little deeper into the background on the alleged attacker in Manhattan, people have begun to talk about his original country of origin, Uzbekistan. While it is important to follow all leads, it can sometimes be easy to jump to conclusions about his country, his religion or anything else. If it truly mater, then we could conclude after the Las Vegas shooting that we should be afraid of every middle aged white man with disposable income.  I hope that those jumping to conclusions about the Manhattan man t consider this point. 

This should be an interesting conversation. I hope you can watch.


Jack During a Recent Media Appearance


[Kare 11 Minneapolis] November 2nd: Jack Talks Terrorism and Our Response

I appear on Kare 11 Minneapolis with Jana Shortal on November 2nd. I will be honest, Jana is one of my favorite journalists anywhere, seriously. She is unique and marches to her own beat. For that, she has my respect. However, what makes her special as a journalist is that she listens, I mean really really listens. The second thing that makes her great is that she thinks. As a result, I can say something and her follow up question is . . . the right one.  She is goodand this and as a result, he interviews works.

I always enjoy them and I think this one will be no exception. Today, we will talk terrorism and what happens when our political leaders use attacks as political opportunism.  This should get spicy.  


[NTV Broadcasting Moscow] November 2nd: Jack Talks Paul Manafort

I appear on NTV Moscow on November 2nd.  This promises to be an interesting conversation for a whole series of reasons. First and foremost, NTV is one of the networks that has been accused of using its platform for Russian propaganda. As a result, I was very conscious that they might be slanted in a particular direction. However, I must add that I have seen bias to one degree or another on many many networks. That bias can be on viewpoint and sometimes on what stories they tell versus what stories they ignore.  

In this case, they absolutely wanted to talk about Paul Manafort which I found fascinating. My focus was on the money laundering aspect of it rather than on the political piece involving the former Ukranian President.  I even talked a bit about the realities of the political in the hunt for evidence of Russian collusion and how that helped provide additional resources to focus in on Manafort. 

This was truly a wild conversation. 


[WKBK New Hampshire] November 1st: Jack Talks Latest Terrorist Incident 

I appear on WKBK New Hampshire with my old friend Dan Mitchell. This was an interesting conversation because rather than talk about a lot of hypotheticals and things we simply didn't have the answer to, I talk about about Uzbekistan and history in the former Southern Republics of the Soviet Union. Considering how many of the Muslim communities have been targeted in some of these countries in the past and also their general lack of opportunities, some of these areas have perfect environments for creating terrorists.  

This is a smart show that digs deeper into complex issues and I always enjoy it.


[KOA Denver] November 1st: Jack Talks Manhattan Attack

I appear on KOA Denver on November 1st. Another attack, this one in Manhattan.  We know very little. He was allegedly from Uzbekistan, was here legally, lived in New Jersey, was married, and had two kids. Oh yeah, and he was Muslim. Guess which little factoid will be the only one that counts. 

As we dig into this cases, it can become difficult for law enforcement and the intelligence community to do their jobs when the argument is made that this is a religious thing or we start talking about "those people."  I get it that people are scared.  That is expected.  However, it is equally important to carefully think about the right approach.

Hope you can catch it.


[Kare 11 Minneapolis] November 1st: Jack Talks Manhattan Terrorist Attack.

I appear on Kare 11 Minneapolis on November 1st.  Another attack. At this point, we barely seem to even flinch. So commonplace. So expected. This time around, its eight dead and a dozen injured. Preliminary reports place the man from Uzbekistan and that he shouted "Allahu Akbar." Guess who will have a field day with this. My fear is that there will be those who will use this politically as soon as possible. The real question is what actually makes us safer.

I expect this will change underneath us.  We will see.


[Press TV Tehran] October 31st: Jack Talks Trump's Renewed Muslim Ban Effort

I appear on Press TV Tehran on October 31st.  This is President Trump's third effort to ban Muslim refugees. Now, I saw this very consciously because this is exactly what he told his screaming throngs that he was going to do.  He didn't say terrorists, he said Muslims.  Therefore, one can shine this up all day long and add caveats but it doesn't seem to change the ultimate motivation.  

Considering I will be talking with the Iranian Press and one of the counties to which this ban would apply, this should certainly be an interesting conversation.

Hope you can catch it.


[WVLY West Virginia] October 31st: Jack Talks Indictments

I appear on on WVLY West Virginia with my buddy Howard Monroe.  Two indictments and a guilty plea. It feels a little like a civil war between left and right right now based upon where the Mueller investigation is going.  The problem is there also seems to be two seperate "objective" realities. 

We are going to talk about where we have gone, what's going on right now, and where the investigation may be going.  This is going to be a lot of fun.