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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer and trial skills teacher aroud the world, its his most important tool. As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated.

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The Jack Rice Show, Monday, February 5, 2007.

Does cutting taxes make an economy stronger? Does it create new jobs? Does it lower unemployment? Jack looks at these questions as he speaks with Liz McNichol of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington and Dave Hage, editorial writer with the Star Tribune.

If Democrats truly believe that the President's surge in Iraq will fail and that troops will die needlessly, don't they have an obligation to stop it? Doesn't that mean that a non binding resolution is not enough? Jack takes your calls.

The parents of an Israeli soldier harvested his sperm two hours after his death in the hopes of continuing his lineage. Should grandparents have the right to do such a thing ?

A New York City council member has proposed that underweight models not be allowed on catwalks during New York Fashion Week. Should government step into this situation or leave it to the marketplace?

A Saudi Arabian judge sentenced 433 foreigners to lashings for attending a party with alcohol and men and women dancing together. Do we have an obligation to step in or is it any of our business?

The Jack Rice Show, Friday, February 2, 2007.

Jack talked about a local high school that is allowing parents to opt out of curriculum if parents don't agree with the subject matter. If this school allows parents to opt out of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" because they find it offensive, where does it end?

Jack reported from Kosovo a couple of years ago after the fighting had ebbed. However, couple it start again? After all, Serbs and Albanians have been fighting for centuries for a small pieceof real estate in the former Yugoslavia. Charles Kupchan, Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University and former Director for European Affairs at the National Security Council discussed the proposed plan recommending an internationally supervided statehood for Kosovo.
James Goodall led the effort to recover and restore an A-12 Blackbird, CIA spy plane. The CIA is in the process of trying to get this plane for thier own from Minnesota. If many in this state have contributed a lot to bring this plane to Minnesota, should the Air Force and the CIA have the right to take it?

The Jack Rice Show, Thursday, February 1, 2007.

Jack talked about a bill being introduced today in the local legislature that would extend the justification for the use of deadly force beyond the walls of your home. Some call it the Castle Rule while others call it the Make My Day Law. Jack takes your calls.
Did the officials in Boston overreact to the situation of the Cartoon Network's market plan to promote their new cartoon? If the Cartoon Network ran thiss campaign in nine other cities, then why dod only Boston react the way that they did?
Walt Frantz, a Doctor at the Mayo and board member of the American Refugee Committee shared his recent medical mission down in Louisiana to help Katrina victims. Surprisingly, not much has changed in the year and a half since the hurricane hit.
Finally, three time presidential candidate Ralph Nader talks about why he runs for elections when others have pleaded for him to stay out! What has been the impact of money on politics and political races.

The Jack Rice Show, Wednesday, January 31, 2007.

As former New York Times columnist journalist testified in the Scooter Libby trial, Jack spoke with Gary Gilson, the former executive director of the MN News council about the problem when journalists are used by their sources.

Jack took calls on the latest comments from President Bush saying that it's not up to the government to decide CEO compensation. If other countries' CEOs average 10-20X their average employees salaries, why are CEOs in this country making hundreds of times that number?

A New Jersey high school is trying out a new policy to test students to see if they've been drinking in the last 80 hours. How far should this go?

David O'Hara, a professor of economics at Metropolitan State University discussed big retailers gettting into the banking business. Does this limit competition or simply allow people to have more options?

Carl Cannon, a writer for The Atlantic discussed honesty in our presidents. Are we expecting too much? The distinction seems to be whether the lie is about a personal benefit or protecting the public good. Of course, that distinction may be difficult to determine.

The Jack Rice Show, Tuesday, January 30, 2007.

Jack took calls on the question of whether or not a man who severely beat up his girlfriend, that caused her to miscarry, should be charged with the murder of her unborn baby. If the unborn child is provided independent rights beyond that of the mother, how should this approach apply to abotion?
Richard Clark, former counter terrorism czar for President Clinton and President W. Bush talked about the threats to the U.S. from terrorism.

Tom Vraalsen is a Norweigian diplomat who was instrumental in implementing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement with the Sudan government and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement joins the program to talk about the challenges of working in Khartoum.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford shared with us what it is like growing up around a privileged and pressured environment and what it's like to live your most private moments publicly.

The Jack Rice Show, Monday, January 29, 2006.

Jack took calls on Northwest Airlines grounding a couple whose child had a skin rash. Should "better safe than sorry" be the standard or should it be something different?

Roger Johnson, North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner discussed North Dakota's challenge of the federal ban on hemp. IS it time to change the law in North Dakota and the country?

Ted Carpenter, Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies at CATO talked about Iran's plan to expand economic and military ties with Iraq. Is our Iraq strategy a pipe dream or a pratical approach?
Tom O'Neill, a writer for National Geographic taked about the oil industry in Nigeria and how corrupt it has become and the bottom line is that the people of Nigeria are the last to profit if they profit at all. Does the U.S. bare some responsibility?

The Jack Rice Show, Friday, January 26, 2006.

Jack spoke with CBS News correspondent Kristen Gillespie about the Sunni]Shiite tension in Syria and Jordan as well as the overall impact of the Iranian influence in Iraq. Of course, they also discussed the level of U.S. involvement in the region.
Dr. Ted Baehr, the chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission discussed the movie "Hounddog" that is creating a lot of controversy at the Sundance Film Festival. Is the movie a teaching moment of an exploitation film that never should have been released?
Jack took calls on the advertisement that will air on the Super Bowl involving Kevin Federline. The U.S. Restaurant Association wants the ad pulled because they feel it is an insult to all restaurant workers. Are they being too sensitive or do they have a point?

The Jack Rice Show, Thursday, January 25, 2007.

Jack discussed the recent incident involving freshman Rep. Michele Bachmann and President Bush. Of course, he was discussing her shoulder grip and the kiss. However, why the reaction that it received? The video was covered by the NY Times, Drudge Report and the Huffington Post. It was downloaded more than 400,000 times. Was this story sufficiently newsworthy to receive such interest? What is the line between interest and excitement at seeing the President and that of a Backstreet Boys groupie? Did Bachmann cross that line or was she just excited to be there? Jack took your calls.

Katheryn Sikkink, a poly-sci professor at U of M talked about the effectiveness of human rights trials. The International Criminal Court is up and running. Should the U.S. become more involved or are there legitimate concerns about political pressure that would put Americans at risk?

Kristine Kern and Leslie King discussed the risk and response to global environmental change. Wht has science, which should be a-political, become so politicized? How are the Europeans handling this issue and should the Americans step up?

The Jack Rice Show, Wednesday, January 24, 2007.

Jack spoke with listeners and got their reactions to the State of the Union Address. Did the President convince you to change your mind or convince you that you were correct in the first place?

Playwright, Winter Miller discussed her play "In Darfur" that will be appearing at the Guthrie this weekend.

Michael Spector, staff writer for the New Yorker discussed a piece he wrote on the opponents of Vladimir Putin, dying. With democracy being a part of the national discussion, the continuing attacks on the media in Russia highlight legitimate questions that should be asked about the fourth estate, there and here!

Terry McAuliffe, former DNC chair shared stories from his latest political insiders book, What a Party! Terry is also the Chairman of the Hillary Clinton for President. What does he expect in the coming months?