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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does. As a international human rights lawyer and trial skills teacher around the world, its his most important tool. As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally. As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated.

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Kosovo - 2004


Working in Kosovo for WCCO

In Kosovo with buddies in 2004

Life in Binac, Kosovo

Ethnic tensions have existed in this small town of Binac, Kosovo, for hundreds of years. However, today, at least for the today, these children can play under the watchful eye of a Minnesota National Guardsman.

A Perfect Recruitment Poster

I see the photos and I am disgusted. Naked men, arms shackled behind their backs, forced to pile on one another, like animals. Funny! Men with hoods tied around their heads arranged in sexual positions like some bad porno movie. Oh yeah, I see the joke! Hooded prisoners standing before walls threatened with death, dare I say it, wishing for death, from the hands of their Godless captors. Amen! Did our troops find the photos scattered across Iraq, one of the last vestiges of Saddam’s reign? A time when this monster committed unspeakable acts upon his own people? Sadly, apparently not. Because in these same photos are American servicemen and women giving the thumb’s up sign or just standing there smiling with cigarettes hanging from their mouths. Can’t you just hear the chants, “U.S.A. U.S.A.” As I sit here in my safe little office, far away from the fighting and dying, I think of the words of Osama bin Laden, a world away. How he describes American’s unrelenting quest for oil and domination. How America intends to take over the Middle East by seizing one oil rich nation after another and enslaving their people. Did he say this in the last couple of days? No! He has been saying this for more than a decade. Imagine how these most recent acts truly make Osama look like some sort of prophet. Do you think anybody is listening? That is what we now face! With these most recent photos of Iraqi POW’s being tortured and dehumanized by Americans in Saddam’s old jails, I cringe. I cringe at the loss of moral character on the part of our soldiers who took part. I cringe at the sheer audacity, no, stupidity, of those same soldiers for actually thinking that this was so funny that they must to memorialize it on film. And I cringe at the impression that these same photos are going to have on the rest of the world. Remember, from a foreign policy perspective, there are three groups of people around the world that we are dealing with here. Those that currently support us. Those that will probably hate is no matter what. And, the great majority, those that are on the fence, the moderates. Those that support us will probably continue to, because it is in their own interest. For those that hate us, there is no end in sight. These latest revelations only harden their positions. And frankly, there is not much we can do about them. Most significantly, there are those that are on the fence. These are the great majority of people in the region. The moderates. Some half a billion souls. These are the very people that we should have been courting from the beginning. These people are the ones who are going to look at these photos and then think of the words of Osama. These are now the people we must fear most! Now, make no mistake, I am amazed that some in the media have focused on the disclosure of the pictures of our torturing of these men as somehow wrong. Like the photos themselves represent a security breach that is unacceptable. On that point, I completely disagree. These pictures must come out. They must be made public to show that what these soldiers did is absolutely unacceptable. To show that the United States as a nation will under no circumstances accept this – no matter who is being guarded! No justification exists. None! However, my biggest fear, which I absolutely believe will come to pass, is that we have just handed Osama bin Laden and the other jihadists across the Middle East and the world with their best possible recruiting poster for the next generation of terrorists. Can’t you just see it? There is a picture of a man. He is in front of a grey cinder block wall. This same man stands on a foot tall wooden box with a black hood tied around his head, clutching metal electrodes in either hand. For hours . . . for days. The inscription below reads, “the infidel American soldier tells the 19 year old wool maker from Fallujah that when he collapses, he will be electrocuted.” The poster finishes up, “Uncle Osama Wants You.” Perfect.
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