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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer, its his most important tool.  As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated. 

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[AM 950 Minneapolis] August 25th: Jack Talks a Busy and Dangerous Week in the World

I appear on AM 950 Minneapolis on August 25th. Wow, what a busy week in the United States and in the world. Sometimes, people in the states overvalue the U.S. and assume the whole world is looking to the United States for answers. This is not the case. At the same time, the U.S. has enormous influence in the world and many other countries take their cue from the States. The way the President handles the media, the way they handles human rights, civil rights, and more.

This is gonig to be an amazing conversaton and always so much fun. 


[RT America] August 24th: Jack Talks Trump and Pakistan

I appear on RT America on August 24th to talk Pakistan. Why Pakistan you ask?  Simply, Mr. Trump recently seemed to place the blame on the U.S.'s inability to deal with Afghanistan in the lap of Pakistan and Pakistan is pushing back. Now, let's be clear, there are no simple answers and Pakistan absolutely bears some responsilibity for what is going on in Afghanistan and even for America's failure. However, even Pakistan couldn't take Afghanistan if it wanted to.  In fact, nobody has ever been able to take the country for many different reasons.  One of the first is that it is a country in name only.  Secondly, the people of Afghanistan have never seen themselves as such.  In addition, the current regime "in control", and I use that term very loosely, is incompetent and corrupt.  Frankly, the list goes on and on and on.

This should be an interesting conversation and I truly relish the opportunity.  Hope you can catch it.  


[Sputnik Radio Moscow] August 23rd: Jack Talks Trump Success and Failure

I appear on Sputnik Radio Moscow on August 23rd.  Donald Trump is a worldwide phenomenon, for better or for worse. The entire world is watching this out of fascination and/or fear.  Of course, one of the big issues this man is facing right now is the issue of collusion with the Russians. That is one of the reasons that this is such a strange interview.

Russian President Vladimir Putin holds enormous power of the media inside Russia.  In fact, I believe its easy to say that this is all state run and controlled media and it only goes out if the Kremlin wants it to do out.  As a result, I am always very hesitant to do interviews with Sputnik. However, so long as 'm not censored and can say what I believe to be true, I will agree.  This is a live interview.

Today, we are going to talk about why Donald Trump is failing in meeting his agenda and the why his platform while running for office has all but vanished.  This is going to be fascinating not just because of the topic but also because of the interview essentially coming from the Russian state.

Hold on tight.   



[Press TV Tehran] August 22nd: Jack Talks Trump's Phoenix Rally

I appear on Press TV Iran on August 22nd. After the issue of race came front and center as a result of Charlottesville and with Donald Trump's really strange and frankly, racists, responses, he made a conscious decision to have a political, campaign style rally in Phoenix.  The Mayor of Phoenix and both U.S. Senators from Arizona asked him to cancel in light of the incendiary nature of race issues in the country and the likelihood that Trump's statements would simply exacerbate the issues.

In the event, one might think that this isn't being watched closely around the world, but they would be wrong.  I appear on Press TV out of Tehran, Iran to discuss internal politics in the states, the nature of race relations and the Donald Trump presidency.  This is going to be an interesting conversation.

Not sure how you could listen but if so, great.


[I24 International News] August 22nd: Jack Talks Boko Haram Terrorist Group

I appear on I24 International News on August 22.  Boko Haram militants continue to reek havoc across West Africa.  Nigera, Niger, Mali and Cameroon have seen more than 20000 civilians killed by this group since 2009 and things continue to spin.  Lately, Boko Haram has resorted to using child suicide bombers.  It is particularly brutal because of the use of children but also because those children who are lucky enough to get away from the group are now being ostracized out of fear that there might also be suicide bombers.

Its a difficult story indeed.  Hope you can watch.


[KOA Denver] August 22nd: Jack Talks Never Ending War in Afghanistan

I appear on KOA Denver on August 22nd.  Mr. Trump sausd he can win in Afghanistan.  OK . . . Genghis Khan couldn't take Afghanistan.  Alexander the Great couldn't either.  Neither could the Russians.  The Brits tried twice. And yet, somehow the Americans are different? Um, yeah, right! That is part of the problem. Afghanistan is barely a country in the current sense. Biding it together is almost impossible. To make matters worse, thinking that you can do it at the point of a gun is pretty foolhardy because this is exactly what everybody else tried to do as well.  And frankly, this will fail.  It may take another 10 or twenty years and billions of dollars and countless lives, but it too will fail.

On that uplifting note . . . 


[RTTV Washington DC] August 21st: Jack Talks Trump's Afghanistan Speech

I appear on RTTV Washington DC on August 21st.  President Trump just gace his first major prime time speech and it was on Afghanistan.  While the speech was very short on specifics, it does does appear to have two elements: more troops and no end date. Of course, the problem is that the U.S. had 100,000 troops in Afghanistan as recently as 2011 and the U.S. didn't win then either. They now have less than 9000 and may increase by around 4000.  its hard to fathom how this is going to turn the tide.

The President says its not about nation building anymore.  However, if you have an incompetent Afghan government, how do you possibly unite a country.  Rather, you deivide it further.  

This is going to be fun.


[AM 950 Minneapolis] August 18th: Jack Talks Steve Bannon's Ouster

I appear on AM 950 in Minneapolis with my buddy Matt McNeil. Well, people have been talking about it for days but today, it finally happened. Steve Bannon is out as Mr. Trump Strategic Advisor. Many credited him with providing Trump with his national rhetoric and the base that followed.  The man known for his nationalistic rhetoric and Alt-Right approach, is now but a memory.

The real question is whether this is a good or a bad thing for Trump.  While this certainly gives Bannon more flexibility to maneauver and stoke the base for Trump, it could also damage him.  

With the recent horrific and frankly racist statements made by the President, some have pushed for Bannon's removal.  However, this could certainly alienate those same followers.  The problem is that with historically low numbers as it is, if Trump loses these folks as well, it could leave him with few allies. The net result could be that Republicans who are already uncomfortable with Trump will be even less likely to be afraid of him, criticize him and potentially jump ship.

This may be the front end of a Republican revolt.  We will see.  Regardless, this is going to be an interesting conversation. 


[Editorial] Tear Them Down, Every Single One.

Tear them all down. Every single one, including the flags. 

I still remember this day. I'm a former U.S. Federal Agent, a CIA Case Officer, and I was in southern state. I walked into this massive, grand hotel with my partner. As we approached the long white counter to talk to the staff, I saw it, a giant Confederate Flag stretched across the wall. It was huge. I remember looking down at my shoes and then turned to my partner. At first, his face went ashen. That's when I saw it. He took a second, coughed, and then he did something else, he seemed to stand taller. The consummate professional. 

My partner was African American, could speak three languages and was brilliant. I was lucky to work with him and it was regularly my privilege. He was the best of all of us. We went about our business and did what he had to do.

As I look back at that day, many years ago now, I still remember that single moment, my shoes, and that ashen look on his face. But more, it was the look just at the corner of his eyes. It was . . . pain, sadness, anger, frustration? All of em? I don't know. But, I remember feeling all of those things as I thought about my own Luiseno Native American heritage. And yet, while serving his country, while both of us serving our country, this symbol which represents most everything that he and I were fighting against, was held in almost reverence. 

The thought makes me want to vomit to this day. This isn't about heritage unless the heritage we are discussing is the one in which a large swath of this country fought to own people as cattle.

As I have watched what has unraveled over the last few days, I know one thing. We desperately need to remember who we are or at least who we aspire to be. Its clear that this President is incapable of such introspection. However, I still believe that we are more, we are better than this. 

So, tear them all down. Every single one, including the flags.


[AM 950 Minneapolis] August 17th: Jack Talks White Supremacy, Monuments and What Matters

I appear on AM 950 Minneapolis with my friend Mike McIntee for an hour.  This was an interesting conversation. I think I was a lot more philosophical than I usually let myself become.  I guess as I watched what was going on in Virginia and the President's idea about race and it really got me thinking about politics, race, and about how I hoped the world would be.  I guess I had a vision about what I thought the President was supposed to do and to be.  I had and, I guess, have the hope that the President represents the best of us and has a vision of the US, and how we fit into the world.  I've always hoped for smarter, wiser, stronger, but also kinder and more introspective.  The fact that we are getting none of that is something I find completely disturbing.  

Let's just say that this was a very interesting discussion.