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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer, its his most important tool.  As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated. 

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[Kare 11 Minneapolis] November 1st: Jack Talks Manhattan Terrorist Attack.

I appear on Kare 11 Minneapolis on November 1st.  Another attack. At this point, we barely seem to even flinch. So commonplace. So expected. This time around, its eight dead and a dozen injured. Preliminary reports place the man from Uzbekistan and that he shouted "Allahu Akbar." Guess who will have a field day with this. My fear is that there will be those who will use this politically as soon as possible. The real question is what actually makes us safer.

I expect this will change underneath us.  We will see.


[Press TV Tehran] October 31st: Jack Talks Trump's Renewed Muslim Ban Effort

I appear on Press TV Tehran on October 31st.  This is President Trump's third effort to ban Muslim refugees. Now, I saw this very consciously because this is exactly what he told his screaming throngs that he was going to do.  He didn't say terrorists, he said Muslims.  Therefore, one can shine this up all day long and add caveats but it doesn't seem to change the ultimate motivation.  

Considering I will be talking with the Iranian Press and one of the counties to which this ban would apply, this should certainly be an interesting conversation.

Hope you can catch it.


[WVLY West Virginia] October 31st: Jack Talks Indictments

I appear on on WVLY West Virginia with my buddy Howard Monroe.  Two indictments and a guilty plea. It feels a little like a civil war between left and right right now based upon where the Mueller investigation is going.  The problem is there also seems to be two seperate "objective" realities. 

We are going to talk about where we have gone, what's going on right now, and where the investigation may be going.  This is going to be a lot of fun. 


[AM 950 Minneapolis] October 30th: Jack Talks Indictments of Trump Associates

I appear on AM 950 Minneapolis with Matt McNeil. A lot of extraordinary things are coming out of Special Counsel Bob Mueller's office.  Two have been charged and one has pled guilty. Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have been charged with twelve counts in a Federal indictment.  This is pretty extraordinary considering that Manafort was the Chair of Trump's campaign. In addition, while many of the counts involved their behavior prior to his involvement with the Trump campaign, the Feds are arguing that they were continuing to launder monry while they held positions with the Campaign.  In addition, the third, George Papadopoulos pled guilty to obstruction. This is extraordinary as this may mean that he has not only cooperated with the Feds, he may have reached back out to others who could face charges in the future.

This is going to be a pretty wild conversation.



[Press TV Tehran] October 29th: Jack Talks War Crimes in Syria

I appear on Press TV Iran on October 29th. The Russians and the Assad regime are claiming that the Americans are guilty of war crimes in their "liberation" of Raqqa. Of course, that sad part is similar claims have been made of the Russians in Aleppo and Assad throughout the country. In the end, only one thing is certain. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been murdered in Syria and far less likely that those responsible will be help to account.  

I hope worked all over the world and have seem first hand the devastation that civilians have paid in Iraq, Afghanistan, parts of Africa and elsewhere.  I can look back through history and think about civilian casualties from recently to long again.  From Fallujah in Iraq to Mi Lai to Dresden, it is always the civilians who have paid the highest price. Sometimes, it is the liberators who exact the largest toll as they waive flags and kiss babies.

This is a difficult conversation but certainly one worth having. Further, pretty much nobody in the room is innocent here.


[Tech Republic] October 27th: Jack Talks How Russians Hacked U.S. Social Media

I appear on Tech Republic with an old friend Dan Patterson. Dan and I go way back and have worked around the world together. Today we talked about how a very sophisticated Russian op was able to exploit US. social media and attempt to impact a U.S. election. Simply put, this is what intelligence organizations do. Frankly, one has to have professional admiration for their efforts and the impact that they have had on American politics, the perception of the legitimacy of the elections and even how lingering questions have played a role in stymieing President Trump in his first year in office.

This was a great interview because we focused less on the politics and far more on the technology of the efforts. In additon, we also looked not just at what was but also what is happening and what may happen in the future. Hope you can catch this


[Russian TV Moscow] October 25th: Jack Talks Syrian Revolution, Civil War and Proxies

I appear on Russian TV Moscow on October 25th. When Syria started to blow apart back in 2011, it was complicated. It has only become progressively so. It really start as a revolution of sorts with Syrian civilian and military rebels acquiring weapons for former Syrian military personnel who supported the cause. It was only then that the various interests around the globe truly took notice and took sides. The Free Syrian Army was one such group but there are and were many many alternatives.  The probke is that massive weaponry poured into the country from all directions from those seeking a voice and control in the region, from Truket, to Iran, to Saudi Arabia to Russia to the United States and beyond.  This includes the proxies of the proxies.  As a result, the infighting within the country driven from the inside and the outside multipled.

I will appear to talk its history, the players, the complications, and more.  


[Press TV Tehran] October 24th: Jack Talks Delays in Kurdistan Elections and the Treaty of Versailles

I appear on Press TV Tehran on October 24th.  The Iraqi Kurdistan parliament has voted to delay elections by eight months.  There were as lot of countries watching what was happening out of Erbil. Its clear that Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, and the U.S. is not interested in seeing an independent Kurdistan and it potentially threatens that borders of those existing countries and could also create some short term instability on the region.  Let's face it, the fear is a domino effect in which one move could force another, could force another, etc.  is a very real one where we have seen a lot of instability in the last several decades. 

The problem is that millions of Kurds were disenfranchised and marginalized when the Europeans arbitrarily cut the Middle East up into its current scheme at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.  At the point, millions of Kurds were placed into Iraq, with millions more placed in Iran, Turkey, Syria and even the Southern Republicans.  The net result was a guarantee that none of those Kurdish groups would have a majority voice.

This will be a fun conversation.   



[RT Washington] October 23rd: Jack Talks More Aggressive U.S. Ops Worldwide

I appear on RT America with Ed Schultz on October 23rd. Reports are coming out out CIA Paramilitary Ops ramping up in Afghanistan.  According the Director Pompeo, the Agency needs to be more aggressive and get more into the field. This highlights a potential changing role from more of the political one to a more military-esque one.  Combine this with the revelations of the recent deaths of four Green Beret soldiers in Niger who were working on the fringes and it highlights the willingness for the U.S. to reach further and further out.

It will be an interestin story to watch and discuss.  Hope you can watch.


[WCCO Radio Minneapolis] October 23rd: Jack Talks CIA Ops in Afghanistan

I appear on WCCO Radio in Minneapolis with my old buddy Dave Lee. He's a good man and he and I have known each other for a very long time.  The New York Times broke a story about the CIA increasing operations in Afghanistan. This is based directly on pressure from the President to be more aggressive. There is one problem: the U.S. is losing this war. It has been going on for 16 years and it is showing absolutely no signs of coming to an end. Sadly, my prediction anyway, is that it never will. Afghanistan tribal groups will fight until the end of time. To them, this was, is and will always be an invasion.

This is a very complex issue and what that can't be explained in a sound bite and that is the reason I frequently like radio more than TV.  You get time to spread out and talk big and small picture.  This will also be fun for me as I spent years working for WCCO Radio.  These were my people so it will be pretty great for me.

Hope you can listen.

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