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Jack is really a storyteller and explorer and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer, its his most important tool.  As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world as much as he himself is captivated. 

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Jack Rice Interviews Rep. Dennis Kucinich After Obama Speech.


I Appear on MSNBC All Day Saturday!

Things should be interesting on Saturday.  I will appear on MSNBC starting at 7 a.m. e.t. and will be on again and again from 7 a.m. until about noon.  President Obama is preparing to announce his shift in Afghanistan policy. Considering I leave for Kabul and Kandahar, Afghanistan in just a couple of days, I will appear to talk about the implications and the likelihood of success.  

Hope you can catch it.


The Jack Rice Show on Air America Radio.

Listen to The Jack Rice Show which is nationally syndicated on Air America Radio. Monday through Friday, Noon to Three p.m.  and online at airamerica.com.  I cover the big issues of the day including the economy, jobs, health insurance reform, Afghanistan and more.  And, of course, I will have the newsmakers on the program and take you to the places themselves.  While I am just back from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, I leave for Kabul and Kandahar, Afghanistan in a few days.  

Hope you can catch the program.  If the program is not broadcast in your area, contact your local affiliate and request to today.


Happy Eid al-Adha ( عيد الأضحى‎) to My Muslim Friends.

With Thanksgiving dominating the headlines, I would also like to wish Eid al-Adha ( عيد الأضحى‎) to my Muslim friends.

The strength of our country is that, at our best, we reflect the world and provide all people the opportunity to celebrate their lives and their beliefs.  This certainly applies to Eid al-Adha.  And to those who are too narrow and petrified of that possibility, it is time to grow up and realize we are all part of the same community.


One of My Favorite Photos of Bush- Happy Thanksgiving!

The name of the bird is Liberty.  And President Bush was granting him "a pardon."  I leave the rest to your imagination.  

Nice Reuters photograph. 


One of my Favorite Bush Photos - Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Four years ago, I walked down the stairs on Thanksgiving and saw something I will never forget.  One of the children did this, although nobody ever admitted to it.  I think the girls were all messing we me.  Anyway, every Thanksgiving, I think of this one small event in my past and it makes me truly appreciate all that I have. I took the photo below and wrote this with tears in my eyes shortly afterward. 

They are light brown, suede. As I look closely, I can see the matching stitching along the seams and a piece of braided rope across the middle to make them look good. Turn them over to find what we used to call when I was a kid waffle stomper treads. On the inside, white fleece feels soft to the touch. I'm not sure if it is real or not but I lie to myself and say that it is. I look at the inside label and am sad to see, though not shocked, that they are made in China.

Oh well, not sure if we make anything here anymore. I guess we better get used to that. A matching zipper alongside makes them a little more functional to put on too. Especially if you forget and put your gloves on first. But these boots work for us - or at least for my four children.

Our oldest, the 14 year old, hates the fact that her three younger sisters have the same winter boots that she herself wears. Of course, our 14 year old, like most, hates just about everything everybody does, regardless. But that's still not true. I've seen her smiling when they all put them on at that same time - when no one is looking, of course.
For my part, in some small way, because of her vocal outrage at matching her sisters, and her inner smile, I love the boots even more.
Strange at the things that make you thankful. I must admit that I never would have expected to look in my front room and see four matching pairs of small boots. But here they are.

Far more than I expected. Far more than I deserve.

For this, I am truly thankful.


I Appear on MSNBC Wednesday Night at 6!

I appear on MSNBC tomorrow night with Ed Schultz at 6 p.m. e.t.  As President Obama's team has stated that the President will announce his Afghanistan policy next week, I suspect that will be one of the big issues of the day.  In addition, I expect that we will be talking about jobs and the economy.

Hope you can catch it!


When They Kill, Its Terrorism. When We Do It, Collateral Damage.

As we debate the future of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the rest and why we prosecute or not, it makes me think about what we do as a country.  In response to 9/11, the U.S. invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq as well as attacked an unknown number of countries around the world.  And how many thousands of truly innocent civilians have we killed?  Tens of thousands?  Hundreds of thousands?

I only ask this question because I keep hearing about vengeance and justice.  As we demand it of others, why are willing to give ourselves a pass?  And please don't make the argument that these people deserved it.  Men, women and children in some of these countries had absolutely nothing to do with any of these!  They were complete innocents.  Does this not make us murderers?    Seriously!  Explain the difference.  And maybe, explain the difference as if you were talking to the families of those killed.  The parents.  The children.

So, in an effort for intellectual honesty, is it time to hold ourselves accountable?  Is it time to say that our killing of the innocent is no better than those we despise?  I say - no more!


Lawyers: 9/11 Defendants Will Use Trial As Platform.  Good!

According to the lawyers for the 9/11 defendants who will be prosecuted in Manhattan, they intend to plead not-guilty.  They will do this with the intent to use the trials as platforms to state their views regarding the U.S., Islam, Osama bin Laden, and everything else.  

My perspective?  Good!

I realize that Khalid Sheik Mohammed and the rest may stand up in open-court and shout "Death to America!" Fine!  That is how our system works.  In fact, the more responsibility they wish to claim, the easier it will be to prosecute them.  That is the nature of how our legal system has worked for hundreds of years and will work in this trial.  

I see this as an opportunity to celebrate our system of justice and the principles upon which we stand. And for that, we should all be proud!