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Jack is a criminal defense attorney, former CIA officer, journalist and storyteller.  As a lawyer, Jack practices exclusively in the areas of criminal defense and DWI/DUI defense.  He is unique across the entire state of Minnesota and the U.S. as the only criminal defense attorney who is also a former Central Intelligence Agency Officer as well as a former prosecuting attorney. Jack's extensive experience, aggressiveness and passion speak for themselves and he is most proud of his reputation as a fighter for the rights of his clients. He has a national reputation and can be seen frequently on MSNBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, and other networks across the country.  He is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.



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All 7 Former CIA Directors Are Wrong.  Prosecute!

Seven former CIA Directors sent a letter to President Obama requesting that he quash the investigation being conducted by Attorney General Eric Holder to determine criminal wrongdoing by CIA personnel.  The President should reject their request because they are simply wrong.  

All seven argue that continuing the investigation will have a detrimental impact up on the ability of the CIA to do its business.  They also argue that it will have an impact on the ability to recruit and retain good officers. While there may be some validity to this, it is not enough.

Two of those seven were my bosses.  And they and the other five are all wrong.  The investigation should be continued and those who committed crimes should be prosecuted.  All of these directors are looking at this question in too narrow of a fashion.  The question is much broader than that and President Obama must consider that.

Very simply, we do not torture.  We don't.  We must not.   And we must hold those responsible for the crimes they commit.  

The President must consider more than just the CIA in rejecting the request.  The President must also contemplate what the United States stands for.  He must consider national character.  This is about far more. It is fundamentally about who we are.  Nothing less.   


I'm Appearing on MSNBC Tonight.  

Looking forward to appearing on The Ed Show  on MSNBC tonight to talk about the big issues of the day.  Should be a lot of fun. Hope you have a chance to watch.  


Gov. Howard Dean Joins the Program.

Gov. Dean came into Air America Washington studios today for an interview.

Watch videos.

Watch Jack's Interview with Gov. Howard Dean, Part 1.

Watch Jack's Interview with Gov. Howard Dean, Part 2.



Rep. Nadler Joins Me to Talk Repeal of DOMA at 2:30 p.m..

Congressman Jerrold Nadler is introducing legislation today to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.  This act discriminates against legally married same sex couples.

Congressman Nadler will join me today on Air America Radio and airamerica.com at 2:30 p.m. e.t.  Hope you can listen.


Time To Repeal Defense of Marriage Act.

U.S. Representatives Nadler, Baldwin and Polis will introduce legislation to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  DOMA discriminates against legally married same sex couples and it should be repealed.  Has the time come for Congress to acknowledge the truth?  Or, at least, has the time come for those supporing DOMA to acknowledge their homophobia?

This promises to be a hot conversation tomorrow on The Jack Rice Show on Air America Radio, noon to 3. Hope you can listen.


I'm Appearing on MSNBC This Week!

Looking forward to appearing on MSNBC this week.  Obviously, the fight for health care continues to rage and the Teabaggers came together this weekend here in Washington DC and in other cities around the country.  

Should be a lot of fun.  Keep checking back for a schedule of appearances.  


I'm Shocked. And Embarrassed by 9/12 Protests!


Beck's 9/12ers Are Delusional!

Glenn Beck’s 9/12 events are taking place here in Washington DC and across the country today.  And organizers have been trying to argue that these events are designed to bring us all back to that spot where we were on 9/12/01.  The argument seems to go something like this.   

We were all Americans on that date!  No red states!  No blue states!  We all stood arm and arm with the same goals.  And Beck argues that he wants to get back to that. 

Sadly, this argument is delusional at best.  Simply crap at worst.  Seriously.  Consider . . . . 

Those at these events, Beck included, are arguing that he and the other people there never strayed from 9/12.  They are and have always been the pro-Americans.  They have always understood the events surrounding 9/11.  They are the ones who still understand what is best for Americans.  In short, the Republicans.   

And remember, if you are not with em’, you’re agin’ em!  Guess who that is?  The liberals, progressives, and Democrats.  And they are the ones in the cross hairs.  After all, who walked away from the policies of President Bush and Vice President Cheney?  The Dems.  And therefore stands with the terrorists?  The Dems.  Spit on the flag?  The Dems.  Hates America!  Well, you get the picture.  I’m serious!    

So, these events turn into nothing but the trite, standard Teabagger ridiculousness which starts with, we are all Americans and ends with, give me my country back, Obama is a Kenyan, Obama’s Hitler mustache, death panels, illegal immigrants, and why Democrats hate America.   

Of course, Beck won’t acknowledge any of this.  But he will show up and be the Master of Ceremonies for the Tin Hat Brigade, all wrapped in red, white and blue while they play Lee Greenwood's Proud to Be An American over and over again.  And then, lament how a dude born in Mombassa could have possibly taken the country from them, is setting up death panels and indoctrinating our youth 

So we might as well be honest about who these people are and who they aren’t.  They don’t represent all of America.  Or even a majority of America.  They are the fringe.  To be accurate, they represent the Birthers,  the Teabaggers, the Tin Hatters, the Tenthers, the Racists, the Psychos, and just the plain ignorant.   

But I guess despite all of this, there is at least one thing about them that you can’t deny.  They will do it all in a “mavericky” fashion.  



The Democratic National Convention, 2008 (Archive). 


I Called Tom Tancredo a Liar on National TV!

I appeared on MSNBC this evening with Tom Tancredo.  He continued to perpetuate the lie that President Obama's health care plan will result in funding health insurance for illegal aliens.  However, none of the bills allow for it.  None of them.  Funding wouldn't come in through S-CHIP, Medicaid, or anywhere else in the legislation. However, despite these facts, Tancredo continues to promote, well, yes, lies.

On the air, Congressman Tancredo seemed driven to get me to call him a liar.  And, I felt compelled to . . . tell the truth.  He is not citing a difference of opinion.  Or something subjective.  It is a purposeful falsehood.  A lie. So I did.

Tancredo is a liar.  

By the way, kind of strange because I have personally interviewed the Congressman at least three or four times. The last time I interviewed him, it was face to face when we were both on the Presidential Campaign in New Hampshire in 2008.  And I have always found him to be pleasant and quite nice.  That doesn't change my mind however.

He's still a liar!

Click here to watch the MSNBC video!