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Jack is really a storyteller and explorer and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer, its his most important tool.  As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world as much as he himself is captivated. 

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Lawyers: 9/11 Defendants Will Use Trial As Platform.  Good!

According to the lawyers for the 9/11 defendants who will be prosecuted in Manhattan, they intend to plead not-guilty.  They will do this with the intent to use the trials as platforms to state their views regarding the U.S., Islam, Osama bin Laden, and everything else.  

My perspective?  Good!

I realize that Khalid Sheik Mohammed and the rest may stand up in open-court and shout "Death to America!" Fine!  That is how our system works.  In fact, the more responsibility they wish to claim, the easier it will be to prosecute them.  That is the nature of how our legal system has worked for hundreds of years and will work in this trial.  

I see this as an opportunity to celebrate our system of justice and the principles upon which we stand. And for that, we should all be proud!


I Embed with the the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan in Dec.

Ninety percent of the world's opium comes out of Afganistan.  And eighty percent of Afghanistan's opium comes out of the place where I'm going, Kandahar.  This is where the 82nd Airborne is located and this is where I am going.

President Obama is preparing to make a decision on whether or not to send more troops to Afghanistan. However, without a legitimate partner in President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, sending more troops will certainly not provide success.  Even Gen. McChrystal has stated that a legitimate partner is absolutely necessary. So the real questions are whether the Americans can find a legitimate partner and then whether it makes any difference?

The President is supposed to make his decision after Thanksgiving.  I leave for Afghanistan on December 3rd.  I will be on the ground to report regarding the reaction from both the Afghanis as well as the Americans.  


I Appear on MSNBC This Morning at 7:30 a.m. e.t.

We're talking Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on MSNBC this morning at 7:30 a.m. e.t. I suspect I will be talking about why I think this is a great idea and how President Obama and AG Holder were right in making this decision.  Actually, this should be easy as it really was and is the right thing to do.

Hope you can watch.


I Appear on MSNBC Tomorrow Morning.

With the upcoming Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial in Manhattan, what are the challenges?  What are the benefits.  I will appear on MSNBC tomorrow morning in Washington DC to talk about the case.

Hope you can catch it!


I'm on MSNBC Tonight at 6.

I'm on MSNBC tonight at 6 p.m. e.t. with Ed Schultz.  Always a lot of fun and besides, Ed is my buddy!

Hope you can watch.


I Appear on MSNBC on Friday Night at 6!

Looking forward to appearing on MSNBC with Ed Schultz on Friday night at 6 p.m. e.t.  Hope we talk a little about the Senate Health bill, maybe a little KSM and whatever else is in the headlines.  Always enjoy myself on The Ed Show.

Hope you can catch it.


Will These Detainees Be Sent to the US or Released?


Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe Joins Me.

I was reporting from the Presidential campaign trail starting the first caucus in Iowa, to the first primary in New Hampshire, to Super Tuesday, to election day.  I covered the future President all across this country.  And I also watched one of the truly extraordinary campaigns ever.  The manager of that campaign was David Plouffe.

David Plouffe joins me later this week to take me behind the scenes to tell us how it really felt, what they really thought.  I'm very excited about this interview.  I hope you can catch this interview.


Palin Calls This Cover Sexist! Is it?


Carrie Prejean: Apparently 7 Other Worst Mistakes!

Fake Breasts or God:  Whatever Works!

Wow!  This story just gets stranger and stranger.  Remember when the nude video of Carrie Prejean became public?  She came storming back into the headlines with "it was the worst mistake of my life."  Well, apparently, there are at least seven more "worst mistakes" of Prejean in the nude and making solo appearances . . . ah, you get the picture.  Oh yeah, and another 30 nude photos, at least, that are out there too.

When the original nude video surfaced, she claimed she was seventeen.  It seems that she was trying to make the point that she was a juvenile so that nobody could show the video because it would be considered child pornagraphy.  We now find that she was more like 19 or 20.   So much for honesty, or integrity.

In a way, this would not be a story but for Prejean's insane hypocrisy.  Actually, maybe it is something else and maybe this is just a human nature question. 

If you had not one video, but eight, or more, plus a ton of nude photos, how would you play it?

Maybe, she is just so terribly desperate for fame and fortune, that she would use anything to get there, be it fake breasts or God!  Again, wow!