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Jack is a storyteller and journalist.  As a lawyer, Jack practices exclusively in the areas of criminal defense and DWI/DUI defense.  He is unique across the entire state of Minnesota and the U.S. as the only criminal defense attorney who is also a former Central Intelligence Agency Officer as well as a former prosecuting attorney. Jack's extensive experience, aggressiveness and passion speak for themselves and he is most proud of his reputation as a fighter for the rights of his clients. He has a national reputation and can be seen frequently on MSNBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, and other networks across the country.  He is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.



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Jack Reports on the Sotomayor U.S. Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings.

Jack Rice reports from Washington DC regarding the Sotomayor U.S. Supreme Court  confirmation hearings in front of the U.S. Senate. The expectation is this will be a fight and the Republicans are trying to establish that they stand for something.  Jack will be in the room to report on exactly what that is.  

If confirmed Judge Sonia Sotomayor will be the first hispanic to sit on the court.  I find it ironic that the likes of Rush, Hannity and Beck call her a racist when she says she will use her background when she makes decisions. I guess Scalia, Roberts and Thomas never contemplate their own "common sense", which is nothing but the summation of their own collective experience.  Now who is the racist, Rush? 

Check back for more from Washington DC.


Jack Appears on The Ed Schultz Show This Afternoon on MSNBC.

Covering the major issues of the day, Jack appears on The Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC this afternoon.  Always a lot of fun.


Jack Interviews Al Franken - The Archive.

Click on the links to watch Jack's 2-part Video Interview with Al Franken.

Jack Rice interviews Al Franken - Part 1.  http://bit.ly/NVvMW

Jack Rice interviews Al Franken - Part 2.  http://bit.ly/11b8dc


How Did the Wall Street Meltdown Actually Happen?

I'm looking forward to an interview with one of the most respected financial journalists in the world, Gillian Tett, of the Financial Times.  In her book, Fool's Gold, she looks at how a couple of bankers from JP Morgan came up with the idea and how Wall Street went nuts with it.

Gillian joins me on The Jack Rice Show on Air America Radio  on Monday's show from 12-3 p.m. e.s.t.  Online at airamerica.com


Interactive Guide to Republican Sex Scandals.

While this is not my interactive guide, I felt obligated to distribute it as widely as possible and to laugh along with others who might appreciate it.





Fox News Tries to Disown Governor Sanford.  Oops!

Didn't know Republican started with a D.  Who knew!


Official - Jack Hosts The Jack Rice Show on Air America Radio National.

Jack hosts The Jack Rice Show on Air America Radio across the country live from 12 - 3 p.m.   Jack talks politics, currents, law, and some of the weird stories of the day.  He also talks to policy makers the world over.  And he will take you into warzones worldwide.


Jack and Members of the TRNS and the Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner in DC.


Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner in DC Was Great.

Strange to see so many people you know in the same room at the same time and none of them are actually working, and they are all dressed to the nines. That was how is was last night at the Radio and TV Correspondence Dinner last night at the Washington Convention Center in the District.  Of course, I should add that many of those that I "know", is by way of TV and radio itself.  I listen to and watch them doing the news.

While it had the usual pomp, the Preaident was on his game, giving some hits, taking some hits, and was generally very fun.  John Hodgeman of The Daily Show took the stage and convinced us just how much we are all just geeks.  Very funnny.  In particular, his ongoing conversation with the President as we all watched was very funny indeed.  I think even the Pres. liked it.

One war correspondent award was presented by the three surviving girls of David Bloom of NBC who died of complications from reporting in the Iraq war.  Incredibly moving to see these three young girls. They were truly amazing.  And it also highlights how precious life is.  And for me, a father of four, living for some time, not far from David in Edina, MN, it hit a little closer to home.

Overall, a truly fun night.  Great people.  Good company.  Good food.  Good drink.  Was very pleased to be there.


Jack Appears on The Ed Show on MSNBC Tomorrow Night.

Looking forward to being on The Ed Show with Ed Schultz here in Washington DC this Friday night.  Always a lot of fun fighting with the right winger and having them swing right back.   We all laugh and hang out together after it is over.  Much more collegial than one might imagine.

Hope you can watch.