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Jack is a criminal defense attorney, former CIA officer, journalist and storyteller.  As a lawyer, Jack practices exclusively in the areas of criminal defense and DWI/DUI defense.  He is unique across the entire state of Minnesota and the U.S. as the only criminal defense attorney who is also a former Central Intelligence Agency Officer as well as a former prosecuting attorney. Jack's extensive experience, aggressiveness and passion speak for themselves and he is most proud of his reputation as a fighter for the rights of his clients. He has a national reputation and can be seen frequently on MSNBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, and other networks across the country.  He is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.



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Free! Create Your Own Kenyan Birth Certificate!

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Be just like the crazy birthers and the GOP base. Create your own Kenyan birth certificate. Or make them for your friends. AND ITS FREE. Heck, make one for your favorite GOP Congressman or Senator. Won't that be fun? I wonder if Sarah Palin really is an American citizen? She may have been born in Kenya.

This website allows your to fill in the info and it spits out this really cool, really fake, birth certificate. Seriously.

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Jack Appears on The Ed Show on MSNBC Tonight at 6 p.m. e.s.t.

As Congress prepares to recess for the summer, Jack again appears on MSNBC's The Ed Show on Thursday night at 6 p.m. e.s.t. to talk about the big issues of the day and what comes next.  Probably the biggest story continues to be health care but they may get into a little Sotomayor and even some North Korea.

Whatever Jack is talking about, he always looks forward to appearing on the the program.  Hope you can watch.


On This Day, President Obama Was Born in . . . 

What an extraordinary story. And I love the conspiracy possibilities. Now let me gets this right. On this day in 1961, a boy was secretly born in a hospital in Kenya.  The boy's mother then snuck him into the U.S. not because she wanted him to be an American citizen, his mom was so he would be, but rather because the master plan for him to be President required his being born on U.S. soil.  While this would ni itself be an extraordinary fete, it would sadly not be enough to pull off the conspiracy. More was needed. But she was ready!

So, dear old mom had to convince not one but two newspapers in Honolulu to announce the birth of Barack Hussein Obama in Honolulu.  Again, this was necessary in order to provide an additional paper trail. After all, when this kid from Kenya with no connections or pedigree would become President, she knew questions would be asked and she had to be ready. Right?

After that .. . nothing.  Just sit back.  Relax.  And wait.  And let the plan take its course.

By the way, according to a study released by Research 2000, 28% of GOP thinks this was the case and another 30% aren't sure. Beautiful.

Yeah. Fantastic. Let the Tin Hat Brigade battle on. Go Birthers Go!  Go GOP!  Quite the Grand Old Party!

So, this is for you GOP!  Heri ya Siku kuu, Mr. President.   Ahhh.  That feels good!


Jack Scheduled to Appear on MSNBC.

Jack is looking forward to appearing on MSNBC this coming week to talk about the big issues of the day.  Of course, with Congress on recess, there will be a lot of question about what they accomplished in the last session and what will be before them upon their return. 

As the date and time firms up, we will let you know.

Hope you have a chance to watch. 


Man Charged with Sex with Horse. Blame Gay Marriage.

A South Carolina man has been charged with bestiality for having sex with a horse.  As if this story isn't weird enough, he has previously been convicted of sex with the same horse.  The 21 year old horse is named Honey.

Yeah, I know.  I'm with you.  However, I wonder how long will it take for Republicans to blame gay marriage for this?  Doubt me?

Oh yeah.  They already have.  They said this would happen.  Remember Proposition 8 in California?  and Massachusetts?

So . . . Here is the logic.  Because gay people wanted to get married, and because a man had sex with a horse, then obviously the gay marriage led to the sex with the horse.  Right.  Got it!

My head hurts. 



Is This Newsweek Cover a Little Premature? Obama Thinks So!


Should We Tax Fatty Food?

A recent study determined that putting a tax on fatty food in the U.S. would result in healthier people and raise an credible amount of money.  So, far, so good!

According to the study, if we put a 10% tax on such food, it would raise approximately $500 billion over the next 10 years.  If we set the tax at 20% it would be almost $1 trillion.  In addition, it has been proven, think cigarettes, that if something is more expensive, it will convince people to eat less of it.  In fact, it should make Americans healthier.  Considering that we spend about $2 billion a year on medical care tied to obesity and half of that is tax payer paid, this should also bring down the cost of healthcare in the long term too.  And everybody agrees that doing this is a good idea!

Okay, so far, so good.

Here is the problem.  People don't want to pay extra for a Big Mac.  They just don't.  And won't.  In addition, this tax is regressive which means it falls on the backs of the poor far more than on anybody else.  Third, good food costs a lot of more money.  Cheap food is typically fatty and full of carbs.  Poor people don't really have alternatives as it is and forces this down their proverbial throats is simply unfair.

We are talking about this today on Air America Radio.  Hope you can join the conversation. 


Rep. Rob Andrews Talks Healthcare.

The fight for healthcare continues in Washington DC and across the country.  And many are beginning to wonder whether the Democrats are capable of following through on the issue.  Congressman Rob Andrews of New Jersey's 1st Congressional district joins me today on Air America Radio and airamerica.com to talk about it.

Listen to Jack's Interview with Rep. Rob Andrews.


If Sarah Palin Is The Best The Republicans Have . . . 

Sarah Palin is preparing to head off into the proverbial sunset.  Rather than fulfill her obligations as Governor of Alaska, she has apparently decided that that is an inconvenience and she has more important goals.  We look back on her quick rise to fame and what have we learned?

She doesn't like to read.

She doesn't need facts.

The truth is fine unless there is a better alternative.

And she doesn't finish what she starts.

And yet, Sarah Palin is still the number one choice for many Republicans to lead the charge against President Obama in 2012.  And this is true despite the realities one knows about her.  

While this is in itself extraordinary, what may be more amazing is that if this is the best the Republicans have, they should be absolutely petrified.    


President Cheney . . . Er. . . Bush.  Amazing!

When I first saw the cover of the latest Time Magazine, I did a double-take.  Vice President Cheney is centered in the picture and President Bush, with mouth slightly open, is only partially in view.  Bush looks directly into the camera and Cheney seems to be staring more at the President.  I imagine the photographer taking the photo of Cheney and Bush seeing the photo being taken rushes in at the last minute.  "Hey, I'm the President.  Can't forget about me!   He He He."   Notice the deer in the headlights look.  Extraordinary!

While it is entitled, "The Final Days of Bush and Cheney", it may have been more aptly entitled, "The Final Days of Cheney.  Oh yeah, and Bush Too." 

If we look back at the Bush Cheney legacy and the desires of Cheney and the neo-cons, it seems clear who was in the driver's seat.  Even before Bush took office, they made their desires clear and only waited for the opportunity to implement them.  Seems that President Bush played his role well.  The unwitting dupe.  Perfect.