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Jack is a criminal defense attorney, former CIA officer, journalist and storyteller.  As a lawyer, Jack practices exclusively in the areas of criminal defense and DWI/DUI defense.  He is unique across the entire state of Minnesota and the U.S. as the only criminal defense attorney who is also a former Central Intelligence Agency Officer as well as a former prosecuting attorney. Jack's extensive experience, aggressiveness and passion speak for themselves and he is most proud of his reputation as a fighter for the rights of his clients. He has a national reputation and can be seen frequently on MSNBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, and other networks across the country.  He is also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.



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The Democratic National Convention, 2008 (Archive). 


I Called Tom Tancredo a Liar on National TV!

I appeared on MSNBC this evening with Tom Tancredo.  He continued to perpetuate the lie that President Obama's health care plan will result in funding health insurance for illegal aliens.  However, none of the bills allow for it.  None of them.  Funding wouldn't come in through S-CHIP, Medicaid, or anywhere else in the legislation. However, despite these facts, Tancredo continues to promote, well, yes, lies.

On the air, Congressman Tancredo seemed driven to get me to call him a liar.  And, I felt compelled to . . . tell the truth.  He is not citing a difference of opinion.  Or something subjective.  It is a purposeful falsehood.  A lie. So I did.

Tancredo is a liar.  

By the way, kind of strange because I have personally interviewed the Congressman at least three or four times. The last time I interviewed him, it was face to face when we were both on the Presidential Campaign in New Hampshire in 2008.  And I have always found him to be pleasant and quite nice.  That doesn't change my mind however.

He's still a liar!

Click here to watch the MSNBC video!



Jack Interviews Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

Jack interviews Congressman Dennis Kucinich in Washington DC after President Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress on September 9, 2009.


I'm on Capitol Hill Tonight For President Obama's Speech.

To be in the room.  To watch and listen as the President addresses one of the fundamental questions of our time cannot be underestimated.  Social security and Medicare are two of the most important programs in the United States.  And it was the Democrats who stepped up to fight for them.  As importantly, it was the Republicans who fought against them and have regularly tried to gut them ever since.

Keep checking back throughout the evening as I post photos, video and, reports, tweets and more.  This is going to get wild.


I'm Appearing on MSNBC Tomorrow Night at 6!

I'm appearing on The Ed Show on MSNBC tomorrow night at 6 p.m. e.t.  I suspect we will be talking about President Obama's speech before a joint session of Congress.  Of course, it will be about health care but the real question is whether the President and a majority in the Congress are enough to overcome the money interests in this country along with their bought-and-paid-for mouthpiece - the Republican party!

Hope you can watch.


Jack Interviewing Iraqi Soldier in Baghdad, 2006 (Archive).


Rep. Rob Andrews Joins Me Today at 1:30 p.m. e.t.

Rep. Rob Andrews from the New Jersey's 1st Congressional District will join me today at 1:30 p.m. e.t. to talk about Congress coming back into session and what we should expect.  Of course, the big question is still the issue of health insurance reform and we will address that.

In addition, President Obama will address a joint session of Congress tomorrow night.  We will talk about that too.  All on Air America Radio and airamerica.com


Thank You Organized Labor!

Happy Labor Day.  It is organized labor that helped to build the middle class.  If you are in a Union, thank you.  If you are not, you should thank a Union for helping to establish an hourly wage, labor standards, and more.  

I'm a proud member of a union myself, AFTRA, and am thankful for what they and other unions stand for.  I recall when I continued to hear about how unions destroyed Detroit.  Really?  It was labor that designed the cars?  It was labor the controlled distribution?  It was labor that failed to keep up?

Go Unions!


I'm Appearing on MSNBC This Week!

Congress is coming back into session.  President Obama is going to speak to Congress and to America's children. Things are going to get pretty wild.  So there will be a lot to talk about when I appear on MSNBC this week.

I will let you know when I appear.  Hope you can watch. 


"Write me a letter about ways you can help us achieve our Goals" - Bush, 1991.

It was October 1, 1991, and President George H. W. Bush gave a speech to students at Alice Deal Junior High School in Chevy Chase, MD.  However, it was broadcast around the country.

Prior to the speech, the Secretary of Education sent out a letter urging schools to have their students watch.  The speech was carried live on PBS, CNN and also by Mutual Radio.  And during the speech, President Bush laid out his goals including the need to improve student competency, increase the graduation rates, and to better prepare students starting school.  Interestingly, he also added one request to the students:  

"Let me know how you're doing. Write me a letter. I'm serious about this one. Write me a letter about ways you can help us achieve our goals."

Does this sound familiar?

Where was the uproar then?  Clearly, President Bush was trying to indoctrinate our kids.  Right?  The Bush Youth. That would have been as ridiculous then as it is today!

This is nothing but a ruse being used by those on the right who lost the election back in 2008.  Is it racist, as some suggest?  For some, clearly.  But for others, it's just that they are sore losers! Whiners!  Babies!

Maybe the best response is one from the Republicans themselves.  They love to use it anytime anybody brings up Bush v. Gore . . .

Get over it!  You lost!

Well, Republicans.  Get over it!  You lost!  Unless you have a legitimate argument about an issue, all you do is make yourselves look feeble and incompetent.  And the only supporters you will find are those not smart enough to realize how feeble and incompetent you are.  Quite a political party.  

Good luck with that!