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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer and trial skills teacher aroud the world, its his most important tool. As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated.

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[MSNBC's AmJoy] July 8th: Jack Talks Trump and the World

I appear on MSNBC's AmJoy this morning with Jonathan Capehart.  Donald Trump just finished his trip to Europe to attend the G20 DSummit and after a speech in Poland.  It was an extraordinary trip in that it highlighted one fundamental  premise: going it alone in a globalised society is a guarantee for failure.  Sadly, Mr. Trump seems completely incapable of seeing it.  Further, he had a chance to sit down with Russians Vladimir Putin and apparently gave him a pass.  Truly extraordinary considering the circusmtances.

I will talk about these issues, North Korea, and what comes next.  This is always a lot of fun and stretches me to think on my feet. 


[MSNBC's AMJoy] May 27th: Jack Talks Latest on Trump/Russia Investigation and More

It's gong to be a busy day.  I will appear three different times on MSNBC's AM Joy this morning.  That should keep me out of trouble.  We are going to t look at the latest in the Russia investigation and then we will look at Trump and the troops. Finally, we will turn to Trump's tour overseas trip and just how this impacts our relationships with our allies.  This is going to be a lot of fun.

Hope you can catch all three segments.


[MSNBC's AM Joy] May 21st: Jack Talks Trump Intel Leak to the Russians

What an interesting conversation on MSNBC's AMJoy this morning.  As I watch the latest scandal rolling out of the White House, one story hitting me much harder than most of the others, President Trump's decision to show off to the Russians and dislose highly classified information.  This is a disaster.  



[MSNBC's AM Joy] May 21st: Jack Talks the Latest on Trump Investigation

I appear on MSNBC's Am Joy this Sunday. I particuarly appreciate this show. Joy is smart, thoughtful and thinks big picture. This is truly a moment in history and that seems lost on very few. As the Special Counsel finds his office and picks his staff, President Trump continues to tweets denials and conspiracy theories, much to the consternation of his fellow Republicans.  I wonder how much they would all chip into the kitty to hire somebody to take his phone away?  Just a thought.  

This should be fun.  It always it.  I hope you can join in and watch the fun.