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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer and trial skills teacher aroud the world, its his most important tool. As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated.

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[I24 International News] June 19th: CIA Officer Indicted. Why do they do it?

I appear on I24 International News on June 19th.  Former CIA Officer Joshua Schulte was indicted today for allegedly providing critical cyber intelligence to Wikileaks. The question for some is why. I appear on Israeli TV to discuss a series of spying cases by Israeli citizens and this latest case involving an American.

People are driving by all sorts of reasons to betray their country. Sometimes, it is ideology. They believe that their own government isn't living up to its own standards. Sometimes, it is about letting the public know. Sometimes, its about money, or power and a feeling of importance and significance.  There are many other reasons as well.  

This will be a fun conversation but perspective is everything.  Just like one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, one man's traitor is another man's hero.  Wacky stuff.


The Elusive Billy Bird

Deep in the mountains of Northern Thailand & I run into this man, the elusive Billy Bird of Bird Aviation, son of Willis Bird from CIA & OSS days but a force in his own right. The conversation, was complex, fast, & sometimes dark. It immediately took me back to my days at CIA, not all of the memories rainbows and unicorns. I recall a similar encounter with “someone” comparable just after a firefight in Monsour, Iraq some years ago. I was embedded with the 10th Moutain Divison and we were racing through Baghdad to help a group that was pinned down. As we arrived, there he was. I looked him in the eyes and it tumbled down on me like a unstoppable wave. We sat in a corner looking pasty and dirty under fluorescent lights with the echo of AK47s and RPGs and the smell of cordite still in the air. The picture would have been the same. This picture says a lot, too much. 
Just another page in this edition of the Lost and Confused Tour. Just keep moving. Nothing to see here folks!


[RT America - Washington DC] November 9th: Jack Talks Wikileaks CIA Disclosure

I appear on RT America with Ed Schultz on November 9th.  Wikileaks has released what they claim is CIA code that impersonates Russia's Kaspersky Lab Ani-Virus company.  This is interesting as the argument seems to be that the CIA ran an op against the United States and slapped Russia all over it to cover their track.  This is ridiculous and laughable.  Not only is this a federal crime, nobody in the CIA would hang themselves out there out of fear that when it became public, and it would, they would go to federal prison.  

This should be interesting.


[RT Washington] October 23rd: Jack Talks More Aggressive U.S. Ops Worldwide

I appear on RT America with Ed Schultz on October 23rd. Reports are coming out out CIA Paramilitary Ops ramping up in Afghanistan.  According the Director Pompeo, the Agency needs to be more aggressive and get more into the field. This highlights a potential changing role from more of the political one to a more military-esque one.  Combine this with the revelations of the recent deaths of four Green Beret soldiers in Niger who were working on the fringes and it highlights the willingness for the U.S. to reach further and further out.

It will be an interestin story to watch and discuss.  Hope you can watch.


[CBS News Radio New York] October 22nd: Jack Talks CIA Ops in Afghanistan

I appear on CBS News Radio in New York on October 22nd.  According to the New York Times, the CIA is increasing its paramilitary operations in Afganistan to provide support to the Pentagon and to help Afghanistan military operations in country. The purpose is to try and target Taliban operations throughout the country.  The problem that the story ignores is that the Taliban controls more territory in Afghanistan right now than at any time since 2001.  Simply put, they are winning. 

One reality of increasing these kinds of operations is that they are dangerous. It exposes Americans with little support and the realities can be catastrophic.  Think those four Green Beret soldiers in Niger.  It will be interesting to see how the White House addresses this issue as this story gets bigger play.  In addition, if things don't go well in Afghanistan, the American people seem to have enormous fatigue when it comes to Afghanistan.

This will be an interesting conversation.


[AM950 Minneapolis] July 20th: Jack Talks the World Including Trump, Sessions, CIA Ops in Syria and More

I appear on AM 950 Minneapolis with my buddy Matt McNeil on July 20th at 3:30 p.m c.s.t.  With so much going on in the world right, its hard to know where we will start.  The Middle East contonues to spin and we will likely discuss Mosul and the sweeping out of ISIS but also the rise on Iran as well as the President's announcement that he is going to stop CIA covert ops in Syria to topple Bashar al Assad from power.  

We will also address some really interesting developments regarding President Trump and his Attormey General Jeff Sessions.  Apparently, if the President knew that Sessions was going to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, Trump wouldn't have tapped him for the position.  This is startling consider the reason for Sessions' recusal or maybe that is exactly the point.  

This promises to be spicy.  Hope you can catch it.  


[I24 International News] July 19th: Jack Talks U.S. Ending CIA Covert Ops in Support of Rebels in Syria

I appear on I24 International News at 9:15 p.m. e.s.t. The Trump Administration stated that they intend to end CIA operations in Syrian to help train and arm Rebels against the Damascus regime.  This cuts against the Obama Administration and is consistent with what the Russians have been trying to do the entire time. The Russians have continued to support and arm President Assad against those same rebels. President Trump claims that the focus needs to be on ISIS and not Assad.

I appear appear on I24 International to discuss the ramifications of such a move.  The U.S. has long standing problems in the region and to decision cuts against the chemical weapons attacks conducted by the Assad regime against civilians.  Where will this go next?  A lot of questions.

This should be interesting.


[The Nicole Sandler Show] January 27th: Jack Talks Media in the Trump Era

I appear on the Nicole Sandler Show on January 27th at 3;30 p.m. e.s.t. with my old friend Nicole Sandler.  She have known each other since the Air America days and beyond.  President Trump has declared war on the media and his watch dog Steve Bannon has upped the charge.  He says the the Media should just shut up and listen.  That's fascinating considering when what Mr. Trump continues to say is verifiable lie after verifiable lie. By the way, I am not using the term lie here loosely.  What he is saying regarding a whole series of things has been verified false by source after source after source.  When POTUS continues to repeat the lie and claim that it is true, regardless of how many times it has been pointed out, I believe that the term lie is appropriate.  We will talk about the role of the media and why now, more than maybe ever, the media needs to stand up to politicians.

On a separate issue, we will also discuss torture and the CIA.  Apparently, POTUS believes in waterboarding and may be arguing for its continuation.  This is quite extraordinary and should result is an amazing conversation.  I have some very specific ideas about it and contemplate what it might be like to prosecute this President in the Hague for crimes against humanity.  

This promises to be interesting.



[Russian TV International] Monday, June 27th: Jack Talks CIA Weapons in the Wrong Hands.

A story broke today about CIA weapons meant for rebel opposition groups in Syria are ending up in the wrong hands. Wasn't this foreseeable? I'm shocked! I'll appear on RT international out of Moscow to discuss at 7 pm est.

When I frist heard about this story, the first thing that came to mind was Afghanistan in the 1980's.  Then, I started thinking about almost everytime the U.S. has provided weaons to oppostion groups, this has happened.  And yet, the U.S. continues to do it.  Why?  An interesting question.

Hope you can catch it.