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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer, its his most important tool.  As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated. 

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[RTTV Washington DC] September 25th: Jack Talks Kurdish Independence Referendum

I appear on Russian TV Washington DC with Ed Schultz on September 25th.  The Iraqi Kurds are voting unofficially for independence from Iraq.  They want it. They've always wanted it. And yet, the Iraqi central government, if you can call it such, is opposed. So are the Turks, the Iranians, the Russians and the United States. Rarely have so many with different agendas stood in opposition.

And yet, the Kurds are right. They deserve independence. They've earned it. They were screwed by the European powers after WWI with the Treaty of Versailles and have frequently been decimated by the countries in which they have found themselves.

This will be an interesting conversation.


[RTTV Washington DC] September 19th: Jack Talks Trump's United Nations Speech

I appear on RTTV Washington on September 19th.  President Trump spoke before the United Nations General Assembly today. Sadly, this President who has been quite successful in front of his base but has never pivoted to actually being President of the United States. In a world that can be incredibly dangerous, this President had the opportunity to motivate this international body to come together to try to drive a settlement with the North Koreans. Instead, he threatened to annihilate the country along with potentially millions of people. 

I will discuss the North Korean issue and well as his statements regarding the Iran Nuclear deal. While they are somewhat connected, the potential of pulling out of this deal would result in simply no deal at all. If the Americans find a way to keep sanctions at the current levels, or even increase them, the potential could be catastrophic.  

This will be a complex but important conversation.  



[RTTV Washington DC] July 25th: Jack Talks Whether Trump/Russia Investigation Has Smoking Gun

I appear on RTTV out of Washington DC with Ed Schultz on July 25th.  The Russia/Trump Investigation keeps chugging along. Kushner just testified before both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Now, Manafort is getting ready to testify. Also, Mr. Trump himself continues to push on Attorney General Sessions to quit. He hasn't said that but it is clear that that has to be his motivation. Of course, the problem is he pushed out FBI Director Comey because of Russia and now seems to be doing the same thing with Sessions. It certainly feels like obstruction. Further, Congress just passed legislation for sanctions against Russia and the question is whether or not the President will sign it into law. If he doesn't, this could certainly drive the Republicans in the House, his only protection at this point on the impachment issue, to start to shift in their seats. Of course, Trump has always been willing to push beyond what anybody in the States has ever seen so it is hard to tell exactly what he is willing to do.

So, simply put, there is a lot to talk about. 


[RTTV Washington DC] July 20th: Jack Talks Whether Turks Disclosed Classified U.S. Intel

I appear on RTTV with Ed Schultz on July 20th at 8 p.m. e.t.  Its no secret that th realtionsihp between the U.S. and the Turks has deteriorated. Frankly, the relationship between the Turks and the entire EU has deteriorated. Also, President Erdogan currently has sacked more than 150,000 people, arrested or indicted 50,000 and currently has more journalists in jail than any country on the planet.  Frankly, he is a democratically elected totalitarian dictator.  

One of the biggest reasons for the fight has to do with the definitation of a terrorist. The Turks think the Kurds are terrorists. The PKK is considered a terrorist gorup by the Turks and to be honest, the Americans and the EU. The problem is that the U.S.'s closest ally in Syria Turkish organization known as the PYD.  They are a Kurdish gorup whom the Turks also consider terrorists. They work very closely with the U.S.

It has been reported that the Turks released classified info about 10 secret U.S. bases including location, number and makeup of personnel and general operations.  To be specific, a story was released by the Turkish state-run Anadalou News Agency which released all of this information. Reporters from this state-run organizatoin claim this was their own investigation and also from public sources based upon statements from the PYD. However, this would absolutely not been allowed without the consent of Erdogan, who has clamped down on the media more than any country right now and those who don't play by his dictates has been sen tot prison. Also, the ongoing animosity is palpable.

This will be an interesting interview tonight. 



[Russian TV with Ed Schultz] June 13th: Jack Talks Trump's Response

I appear on Russian TV with Ed Schultz on June 13th.  Its interesting. I regularly ask myself about whether it is appropriate to even appear on Russian TV considering what the Russians did in the last election.  My decision to occasionally do it is based upon this belief: if I say what I truly believe to be true, even if it is delivered by the Russians, I'm fine with that. I'm not here to blindly support the American point of view just because it is American or this Administration's point of view just because it currently speaks for the Americans.  It is far more nuanced than that. 

Today, I think one of the issues we are going to discuss President Trump and what he should do now. Strangely, and I do believe this to be true, Trump has fundamentally misjudged this crisis.  He honestly thought that if he kept calling the Russian op fake news, people would buy it.  People didn't and the Russians really did this. Secondly, he has been reactive when he needs to be proactive.  

Coming from an Intelligence background as well as a legal background and even a media background, I think this may be right up my alley today.

This is going to be fun and interesting. 


[RT America] May 24th: Jack Talks Manchester, Terrorism Threats and Muslim Bans

I appear on RT America with Ed Schultz.  As we continue to take a closer look at the Manchester bombing, there is a fundamental point that is continuingly missed.  The bomber is a British citizen.  In fact, he was born in Britain.  And yet, Donald Trump has argued that banning refugees from Muslim countries is the answer.  Really?  Would that have made a difference in this case?  Would it have man a difference in Paris?  In Belgium?  Even in the States? The answer is no. I expect this to be a really interesting conversation.

Hope you can catch it.  



[RT America] May 15th: Jack Says Trump Doesn't Understand the Ramifications of What He is Doing

I appear on RT America with Ed Schultz.  This is frankly an extraordinary story.  Last week, Russian FM Lavrov came to Washington to visit the President.  They met along with Ambassador Kislyak who is well known as a Russian intelligence officer.  Apparently, during their meeting, President Trump told the pair some highly classified information.  Subsequently, NSA Masters came out and stated that no sources and methods were disclosed.  He then quickly left.  The problem is that this doesn't mean that the intelligence wasn't leaked.  This dovetails nicelt with the investigation of Yrump/Russian collusion.  This is an crazy story that will certainly continue for some time.

Hope you can watch.


[The Ed Schultz Show] September 19th: Jack Talks Law and International Terrorism in Minnesota

I appear on The Ed Schultz Show on September 19th.  And so it goes. Al Shabaab and ISIS have successfully continued to target and recruit young men to the cause.  It is frightening because the latest attack was in St. Cloud, Minesota, it feels like it can happen anywhere.  And yet, there are certainly some take away points here. There have been some rising tensions here in Minnesota between the earlier immigrants (everybody else who lives here) and these latest immigrants.  Its easy to talk about us as "the people" and them as "those people." However, this country is a tapestry and we regularly forget that.  

This is going to be an interesting conversation.



[The Ed Schultz Show] July 14th: Jack Talks Bastille Day Attack


[The Ed Schultz Show] July 14th: Jack Talks Attack in Nice, France.

I appear on The Ed Schultz Show on Thursday, July 14th at 8 pm. e.s.t.  Reports are still very vague but more than 70 people are reported dead in Nice after one man drove a truck onto a sidewalking killing people by the dozens and then allegedly stepping from that truck and shooting into the crowd.  At this point, it is difficult to determine if this is an ISIL inspired attack but the nature of a low tech attack on an extremely soft target raises a lot of question. First and foremost, is it even possible to stop such an attack? 

Hope you can watch.