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Jack is really a storyteller, international explorer, and humanitarian and everything else rolls out from there. As a writer, its what he does.  As a trial lawyer, its his most important tool.  As a former CIA officer, the only way to truly motivate people is to connect and to tell them a story that they can feel viscerally.  As a media analyst, what better way to make a point.  In the end, he tries to captivate his audience about the world and its people as much as he himself is captivated. 

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[WCCO Radio Minneapolis] June 20th: Jack Talks Youtube's Efforts to Fight Terrorism

I appear on WCCO Radio in Minneapolis on June 20th.  Social media has been under pressure to change their policies to help fight extremism and terrorism.  ISIS has been successful at using various platforms to spread their message of hate and violence and terrorism.  We have seen efforts from Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter back in 2016 but various western countries have been unimpressed.  

In the last few days, British Prime Minister May, the Germans and the European Union have all been looking at expanding requirements and oversight over social media.  And social has been trying desperately to get ahead of the stories.

I will appear on WCCO to discuss Youtube's latest efforts to address exactly this.  They are going to throw money, people and technology at this.  It is a multi pronged effort and should be interesting to see whether it is successful.  

Hope you can listen.


[WCCO TV Minneapolis] May 26th: Jack Talks Two Arrested with Bomb Materials

I appear on WCCO TV on May 26th. Two brothers were arrested in Minneapolis and the police allegedly found a loaded AK47, a grenade and bomb making materials. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security is looking closely into this issue. At least one of the brothers is very publicly denying he is a terrorist.  

This idea got me thinking  Because these two brothers happen to be of middle eastern decent, does that issue make any difference? So, because they were born in Iraq, this makes them terrorists? I simply don't buy into that. If these two men were white and wearing red Make America Great Again hats and screaming about the 2nd Amendment, would we be having this conversation?  So what makes a terrorist.  It is an interesting conversation.  

I hope you can catch this conversation.


[WCCO Radio Minneapolis] May 9th: Jack Talks Trump Firing Comey

I appear on WCCO Radio in Minneapolis with my friend John Williams.  Pres. Trump's decision to fire FBI Director Jim Comey is an astounding move.  The WH claims it was based upon email accounts used by Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.  However, this doesn't seem to make a lot of sense based upon timing and what Trump has said previously.  Its an amazing story and promises to stay in the news cycle for a long time.  This may even result in a special prosecutor to address the Russia Trump connectionl

Hope you can listen. 


[WCCO Minneapolis] April 7th: Jack Talks U.S. Missile Strike in Syria and What Comes Next

I appear on WCCO Radio with John Williams on April 7th and 3 p.m. c.s.t.  John is a smart guy and thoughtful in his approach to stories and the news.  With President Trump makes a complete about-face regarding his foreign policy stand in Syria, there are enormouse questions to address.  Is this just a one time thing?  Will there be more airstrikes?  Will there be books on the ground?  What about the Russians?  All are issues that we will likely cover.  

This should be interesting.  On a side note, this will also be interesting as I was on air for many years with WCCO.  As a result, it always feels a little bit like old home week.  That should make it a little more fun for me too.


[WCCO Radio] September 8th: Jack Talks Wetterling Case and Criminal Defense Strategy

I appear on WCCO radio tonight to wrap up the sad Wetterling story. We talk interrogations and what drives people to admit to things and we talk the deal that was struck and the ramifications. We even talk about civil commitments and what may be coming down the pike. A great interview.

Hope you can join me.


[WCCO Radio] May 23rd: Jack talks terrorism, trial advocacy and the law.

Appearing on WCCO Radio, my old stomping grounds, with Jordana Greentonight at 10 pm ct to discuss the latest on the terrorism trial in Minneapolis, the Freddie Gray verdict, a place in Mississippi where segregation is apparently alive and well, and my recent assignment teaching trial advocacy skills to lawyers in Uganda. Gonna be a full show.


[WCCO Radio Appearance] September 30th: Jack Talks Law and the Targeted Killing Program

I will appear on WCCO Radio on September 30th.  The Americans, using an unmanned drone, apparently killed Anwar al-Awlaki, the American born cleric who has been causing trouble for some time.  He may have been involved in motivating people to attack an aircraft with the so-called underwear bomber, the Central Park effort, and with the killings at a U.S. military base.  This killing should have a huge impact upon al-Qaida's PR campaign.  However, should the Americans be killing other American citizens without a trial who are not in a warzone and were not even accused of being directly involved in any terrorist activity?  What are the legal implications?

This should be fun!


[WCCO Radio Appearance] September 16th: Jack Talks Criminal Law, Senser and the Media

I appear on WCCO Radio's John Williams Show on September 16th. Amy Senser has been charged.  So, now what?  How do you defend somebody like this?  How do you deal with the media to make sure that she gets a fair trial?  Most importantly, how do you play this so that your client most likely is found "Not Guilty"?

I will talk about this and how criminal law and the media collide.  This should be an interesting conversation.  Hope you can listen.


[WCCO Radio Appearance] March 10th: Talk on Criminal Defense and Sex Offenders

I appear on WCCO Radio on Thursday, March 10th.  There is a real question on sex offenders, recidivism and what to do with these people.  As a criminal defense attorney, I appear to talk about a recent article I published in the Star Tribune and about representing people charged with these kinds of crimes.

Hope you can catch it.


WCCO's Jason DeRusha's Article Featuring Jack Rice

Good Question: Who Are Americans Spying On?  Click here for link to WCCO website.


Jason DeRusha


Three Americans detained in Iraq are accused of spying. They deny it, as does the U.S. government. But we know that Americans are in fact inside foreign countries doing undercover surveillance. So, who are we spying on and what are we looking for?

"We're spying on everybody," said Jack Rice, a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, former WCCO radio talk show host and former C.I.A. case officer. "Believe it or not, we have interests, we don't have friendships. That was a saying at Langley."

 "We're going after the Russians, like we always have. We're going after Iranians. We're going after Iraqis. We say we're not going after Europeans because they're our friends. But do we care what they're doing? Of course we do," added Rice.

While that means that we aren't doing extensive spying on our friends, Rice said that we certainly are keeping an eye on them. We're watching Israel, for example.

And while he said he has no reason to believe that Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal are spies, it's certainly possible that they were not hiking along the Iran/Iraq border and they were undercover.

 "A really good spy, honestly, shouldn't look the way you expect. So, do you expect to see a bunch of guys in trench coats and sunglasses there? No! You expect to see something else. Am I suggesting they're spies? I would never suggest that!" said Rice.

 "What would happen if you had three Iranians hiking in an area that was of interest to us? Would we say 'He was just a hiker?' No, we'd say 'they don't have hikers -- he must be a spy!'" said Rice.

 The nature of spying has changed over the years, with an increasing focus on electronic surveillance: listening to conversations via satellite, analyzing e-mail communications and bank accounts.

"You know why it went technical? There was no blowback. You're not going to be on the ground and have people find you," said Rice.

After the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon, there's been an effort to increase the number of spies undercover in various countries.

 It's not just the C.I.A. spying, "it's all the acronyms," said Rice, including the Department of Defense, Energy, and State.

 In his view, the U.S. doesn't have the patience that Russia and China have shown, leaving spies in country for decades until they find out information.

 "We want answers by the end of this quarter. If we don't have it, we're pulling the plug. That's what we do in the intelligence world, too," Rice said.

 "Sometimes, it takes 20 years where you know the country, you know the language, and you know where the tents are," he added.

 So, what are we looking for?

"It's shifted. During the cold war, a lot of it had to do with weaponry. But it started to shift even at the end of that into economics," he said. "When we are out in the world now, we're trying to figure out who's paying whom, how it's being paid, who's actually taking the money, where they are actually spending it. If you follow the money, what you really follow is the influence and who has it."

Click here for link to website.